Wounded Heroes U.S.A.

Wounded Heroes USA is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization, dedicated to honoring the members of the United States Armed Forces and Gold Star Families.

We at Wounded Heroes USA reflect on our 12-year mission providing outreach support to Active-Duty Rehabilitating Soldiers over 900 injured in combat, accidental injuries, and illnesses, and 863 Gold Star Families of the Fallen living in the Fort Carson region. We are thrilled that the war casualties have ended with active-duty rehabilitating combat troops being medically discharged or returning to their original units. The former Warrior Transition Unit (WTU), is now the Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU), at Fort Carson. The SRU has reorganized and provides PTSD rehabilitation. What has not changed, is our focus to continue supporting the 863 Gold Star Families. Wounded Heroes USA is a council member of the Survivor Outreach Service (SOS), U.S. Army at Fort Carson which is regulated by the U. S. Army, and provides direct support to their special needs.

WH USA is expressing our heartfelt appreciation to you, as the key supporters for many years, and for making that much-needed and positive impact in their lives. Because of patriotic generosity like yours, WH USA will continue supporting outdoor events, fishing, picnics, and special economic support. They have expressed their thankfulness often for your giving. The best responder is YOU, please donate.


Devil Dog Brew of Colorado is a sponsoring organization, as well as MKR International, Inc. WH USA organization, which has continued support from the radio and television media covering its events. Support for a fishing tournament, from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


WH USA support events have included over 900 wounded, combat-injured, and ill warriors, and Gold Star Families since August 10, 2010. The outdoor events are at a private ranch, fishing clubs, and selected public fishing areas in the Rocky Mountain Region. Most events are personalized for the U.S. Army, Soldier Recovery Unit, and Gold Star Families at Fort Carson CO. WH USA sponsors an annual “Warriors Ice Fishing Tournament” on Monument Lake when ice conditions permit the fundraiser. Other annual events include; Gold Star Family Fishing and Picnic Day and an annual exclusive country western concert.


The organization was founded on August 10, 2010; Mr. Miller serves as the President and CEO. Bill is a service-disabled Vietnam Veteran. WH USA is dedicated to assisting in the rehabilitation and transition process of active-duty personnel and veterans with mental and physical challenges. Over the years it has been critical to have dedicated patriotic volunteers to participate in events. Wounded Heroes USA acknowledges Mr. Aaron Termain as Liaison Officer for Veterans and is the former Warrior Transition Battalion Commander. There is an Advisory Committee made up of a cross-section of Veterans and the Colorado Veteran Advocates Community.